About us

Who are we?

Our company specialises in sea buckthorn, lingonberry, wild blueberry and cranberry cultivation and processing.

Our company obtained ISO 22000:2006 Food Safety Management Standard in 2013.

Product offered by our company – sea buckthorn nectar is produced according to a specialized recipe in cooperation with Latvian researchers and its production technology is patented. Thanks to many years of experience we are able to make products, which preserve all the properties and valuable substances contained by the unique and vitamin rich sea buckthorn berries.


Māris Selga


Nature has given unique plant regarding its content and form. The beauty and thorns make sea buckthorn a plan which is hard to harvest and its richness in nutrients make it hard to process. Current situation inspires us to follow this path of revelation and create new, valuable and natural products.

We want to express gratitude to everyone who uses our sea buckthorn products for their loyalty, responsiveness and high product evaluation.


Company mission

  • to bring to the people all the set of great values offered by the sea-buckthorn
  • to raise the taste and quality of the product
  • to aspire for perpetual growth
  • to stay oriented to a relevant price policy
  • to encourage in society idea about indispensableness of sea-buckthorn products for human health
  • to develop ecologic production using environmentally friendly technologies and natural raw materials.

Company values

We touch the values of nature – berries. Healthy, rich in vitamins, antioxidants, mineral substances – these are natural berries with perfect taste. All of our products are produced out of berries; they are 100% natural, without GMO, preservatives, food colourings or harmful flavour enhancers.

The purpose of our company is to preserve natural properties and freshness of berries that is why berries are processed with gentle technologies developed by us.

Company philosophy

We are a part of nature. We have created non-waste manufacturing. Our company makes products which are 100% natural. Products are packaged. Packaged products in shops and fridges of consumers.

We ask everyone to think about environment and recycle plastic bottles and packaging by placing them in corresponding garbage containers. Our company is grateful if you already recycle waste. The principle of continuity helps us to preserve nature and its values.