We will organize a tasting!

We will visit companies, interest groups and clubs etc. to give a 50 minute long presentation about health, our products and we will give the opportunity to taste our products.

Please contact by calling +371 28677677 two weeks beforehand to agree upon the presentation date and time.


Find out everything about sea buckthorn

We will tell you a lot of interesting information, for example, sea buckthorn is a dioecious plant – meaning that there are separate male and female plants. We will show how they differ in nature.

We will tell about pollination, plant multiplication, growing and the beginning of sea buckthorn cultivation in Latvia.

How to grow sea buckthorns

We will explain how to cultivate plants and harvest berries; sea buckthorn varieties and means of their multiplication.

Natural juice tasting

Enjoy 4 natural juices and very tasty sea buckthorn cocktail.

We will give you a scientific explanation why one loves sea buckthorn berries but other blueberries. Why for some people apple diet is effective but others gain in weight.


Buy Goldberry products right from the producer!

At the end of tasting you will be able to buy products for manufacturing prices and receive individual answers to questions.

Requirements for tasting

Presentations and tasting is given to groups consisting of no less than 20 persons. It is possible to organize a tasting in your event – when applying for tasting please indicate event and venue, for example, „accountant conference” or „doctor seminar”.

To apply for tasting please contact us two weeks beforehand by calling the number.  28677677


Tasting in office is free of charge.